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Want to make headlines today? This is definitely bad news from the media

Author: Views: 888 Published: 2017-10-31 03:20:02


According to known information, there are three main changes in the subscription number:

1. Opening the subscription number is the content of the information flow without opening the specific public number first;

2. Content presentation will be intuitively divided into graphics, audio and video;

3. At the top of the interface that opens the subscription number, the content update will be prompted, similar to the prompt mechanism of the circle of friends;

In simple terms, the subscription number page will become an information flow product, similar to today's headline page, or a combination of WeChat's "Look at it" and the circle of friends mechanism.

WeChat "Look at" page

This incident is not groundless, and it has a cause. What is this "cause"? We have no way of knowing what product designers think, but based on the situation of WeChat and the current market structure, there should be the following:

1. WeChat revenue pressure. Although WeChat is full of treasure, how to turn it into real money is another matter. And Tencent is more and more valued on advertising revenue, starting with WeChat subscription numbers that have billions of daily traffic, squeeze more advertising revenue, logically. Apart from GuangDianTong Card and Mutual Choice Advertisement, what else can I do?

2. Intelligent distribution transformation of social media and content platforms. Nowadays, China's news consulting clients are almost "today's headlines." It is a consensus that no one can hide the impact of the technology and introduce intelligent algorithms that allow machines to replace content manually. Does WeChat follow up?

The information flow may be the answer to the above two questions.

Easier information flow can lead to more ad slots. In today ’s headline information flow, an advertisement is inserted after every four ordinary contents, the proportion is as high as 20%; among the popular content of Weibo, the first advertisement appears after two ordinary contents, and every six ordinary contents thereafter Insert an ad. The daily average PV reaches 3 billion WeChat public platforms. How big is the advertising potential after the information stream transformation? It goes without saying.

Another possibility of information flow lies in the imagination space of intelligent distribution. "Take a look" is a small test of WeChat involved in content distribution and the introduction of intelligent algorithms, but it is estimated that the results are not satisfactory. So will the transformation effect be better based on the existing subscription number? It is possible.

But the transformation of WeChat subscription number information flow is undoubtedly a dangerous game. When the new list asked the industry for their views on the matter, there were not many opponents.

To a certain extent, if this is done, WeChat's move is tantamount to giving up its own characteristics and advantages and letting itself join the scuffle of information flow products such as today's headlines and Weibo. At the same time, this move will have a huge impact on the existing WeChat content ecosystem, and the dependence and respect of content entrepreneurs on WeChat in the past few years will face great tests.

Today's headline information flow form

The trend of content entrepreneurship started from the WeChat public account, rather than from platforms such as Weibo, Toutiao and earlier news clients. The core reason is the decentralization principle of WeChat public platforms and insistence on not sharing profits with developers.

To put it simply, WeChat, the first is not to do traffic distribution, the good or bad is entirely up to you, you can get more; the second is not jealous, no matter how much you earn, I will not penniless, do not worry about being "tricked."

Another point is that the public account has a brand effect. This is beyond the reach of Weibo. The reason why other content platforms are not valued by content entrepreneurs is closely related.

As an example of an image, public accounts are like opening a store. Each can dress up its own small shop according to its own taste and provide services that meet the tastes of users. Stores and users will mature as soon as they come and go, and build trust. I know you, and I trust you.

It is precisely because advertisers see this that they value the channel value of public accounts. Operators can also do more things based on trust relationships, such as selling goods, selling courses, and doing activities.

But becoming information flow is tantamount to throwing everyone on the street, and it has become a stall. The branding of the public account will be a fatal blow.

Driven by fair rules and predictable high incomes, wave after wave of people have invested in the WeChat ecosystem, contributing content, attracting users, and developing businesses. This is why WeChat can become the largest and most prosperous ecological community in China's Internet.

If the message is true, then this will be the most significant change since the subscription number was collapsed. It is very scary to think carefully that after the transformation of information flow, WeChat will have further actions, so the previous principles of decentralization and non-profitability will be at stake. Will WeChat be involved in traffic distribution? Will WeChat be targeted to support the account? Is it necessary to pay the toll to the official for future advertising? Is the amount of fans still useless?

Although related channels have confirmed that the incident is not unfounded, it did not prove that WeChat will be launched immediately. We tend to think that this is only a scheme of WeChat internal testing, but it does not necessarily mean that.

Maybe this is not a good plan.
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