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Enterprise copywriting soft skills are necessary! Only drag racing can not attract users

Author: Views: 870 Published: 2017-10-31 03:17:13


In order to keep attracting users, the company "everything is extremely useful" on the road of copywriting: title party, hot spot, no lower limit ... but there are always people who have put a lot of gold on the road of soft text marketing, and still do not see sales conversion rates, On the contrary, the other picture is: all kinds of divine copywriting appeared in the new media era. They advertised and even increased the number of fans. The users knew that the ads were still happy.


This is the highest state of soft text!

The same is soft text marketing. Why is there such a big gap? What soft skills are necessary for corporate copywriting to make users have a soft spot for you?

"Soft rice" is not tasty Enterprise copywriting requires strong skills

How do you usually make soft articles? Organize your product introduction, buy a website headline, learn to headline the party, hit the ball, hit the hot spot ... Qianjin bought millions of clicks, but failed to get the corresponding number. Conversion rate?


"I have written more than 2,000 soft articles in 4 years before I know that corporate copywriting should do this." Seeing such a title, do you want to open it as a marketer? If the article brings you specific cases and data, it is reasonable and Sufficient copywriting skills, do you want to pay attention to them? Will you think of looking for this group when the company has soft copy requirements? Title party + content that is valuable to users is a very successful soft copy case.

"We used these three points to attract 10,000 users." When you encounter such a title, are you already gearing up and ready to learn their soft skills? If you read these, you will find that these three points are nothing but The product quality is good, the production technology is exquisite, and the packaging is exquisite ... Did you immediately lose favor with it?

Therefore, what soft article needs is some solid foundation: readable, valuable content, let users resonate while trusting you, and then choose your product. It's not a general statement in the industry, it's not a talk on paper, but a content that users can personally feel and really useful to users.

Soft enough to make you irresistible

These excellent soft text skills can be expressed in a variety of styles (diversity).

1. Insight into people's hearts

A good soft article must be the pain point of the user, and these pain points require you to "utilize" human nature.

Mystery "After reading this, I feel a cold behind ...", office sub-health, massage shoulder and neck back products;

Q & A "Are you rich and amazing?" "Great" from a wealth management app;

Curiosity "Children are young, can't you let it be?" "No", pediatric education;

Self-motivated "How to avoid the mess of personal work after 35? This is the best advice I have ever heard ...", career promotion skills ...

Love, disgust, fear, responsibility, compassion, greed, gratitude, laziness, self-motivation, knowledge needs ... Any strategy that can affect people's emotions can be used to create a powerful soft text.

2. Justified

Do you still remember the popular "Under the Dome" of the Internet, facts and figures! Coupled with a warm and tangible reality story, it has successfully attracted the attention of almost all Internet users.

You must also be familiar with the classic copywriting of Xiang Piaopiao, "Selling more than 1 billion cups a year, and connecting them around the earth 3 times!" It is more intuitive and effective to use data to speak, thereby stimulating consumer spending.

3. Diversity of channel launch

The writing of soft text can be sensational, and it can be said by fact theory. Then the most important thing you need to consider is: where to put soft text is more valuable. An A5 corporate member ( who can provide you with news reports, website exposure, brand value, and website outbound links, is better than many and can only provide you with products Introduced platform promotion.

After perfect soft text skills, various soft text styles, and effective promotion channels, the soft copy skills of enterprise copywriting can be obtained in order to realize the value of soft text most effectively.

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