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The marginalized QQ space will become the next Tencent Weibo and Friends Network?

Author: Views: 908 Published: 2017-10-31 03:11:19


Treads, running halls, the text of the second class, message boards ... These popular words derived from QQ space have witnessed many post-90s growth and witnessed the "black history" of many people. In the 12 years since its launch, QQ Space has experienced many brilliant moments, setting one miracle after another, and becoming one of the most “longevity” social platforms in China.

Time and place to promote the younger QQ space

Last year, research firm Kandar released data showing that QQ space still occupies the second place in Chinese social media. And according to data released by QQ Space, in September 2015, 51% of active users in QQ space were post-90s users and 32% were post-95s users. All signs show that the phenomenon of young users of QQ space is obvious.

It is obvious to all that QQ space has been loved by many people since its inception. It was born in 2005. It is a network personality space with social functions. It has been sought after by many young people because of its multi-party display of user personality. Reasons for the rapid growth and popularity of the QQ space, in addition to a large wave of user groups harvested from the QQ side, it was also harvested because of its preconceived favorable situation at the time and just grabbing the "appetite" of young people Many new user groups on social networks.

First, first mover advantage. As everyone knows, as the industry's first entry, the first impression of preemptive occupation of the user group is an effective means to win in many industries, and it is also the rule of victory for the Internet industry. At that time, the QQ space was backed by big brother QQ, and harvesting users was easy. Second, it lacked similar competitors and brought rounds of surprises to the younger generation. The new world of online socialization provided by the new contact The younger generation of the Internet was curious. With this favorable factor, QQ space seized the opportunity of online social traffic and became the only online social portal for many user groups at the time, and this also became the magic weapon for winning QQ space.

Second, it perfectly hits the needs of users. First of all, the QQ space at that time was at the stage of online social exploration, but in the process of exploring, it gradually grasped the needs of young user groups. Its developed function allows the user group to publish mood dynamics at any time, such as all aspects of emotions, studies and life. The expression of the daily life status of the person, thus triggering "crowd" and comments from friends, so that users have the satisfaction of being self-concerned.

The second is the freeness and practicality of QQ photo albums. With QQ photo albums, users have another layer of fun in dynamic display, and today the pictures become an indispensable "general" in the social network. Today, the QQ space is here. The functions in this area have really stamped the real needs of users; In addition, what impressed many post-90s users was the release of the QQ farm in 2009, a national-level application. This game also made the Internet “stealing food” all the rage, and QQ Space activity has risen to a new level. Until now, the number of monthly active space in QQ space is far ahead of most domestic social networking sites.

Weak growth, discounted activity, younger QQ space is going downhill?

However, with the increasing age of post-90s and post-95s entering universities and jobs, and under the “strong magnetism” of online social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, many post-90s have begun to escape the QQ space, and more and more Social demand has shifted to the more adult WeChat, and the younger group of WeChat is gradually growing. The 2016 data shows that the most active user group of WeChat is after the age of 17 to 21, while another data shows that this year, the number of monthly active accounts in QQ space reached 632 million, a decrease of 3% over the same period last year, and the smart terminal was active monthly. Accounts of 605 million were the same as last year. This has to make people think, why does the current QQ space "cannot keep" people, and what causes them to be left out?

More notably, as an old-fashioned social product of Tencent, the number of monthly active users in QQ space is declining, and the most direct performance is that the dynamics of friends in QQ space is decreasing significantly. At the same time, another data shows that the number of monthly active users in the QQ space, which is regarded as an approximate circle of friends in QQ, has long ceased to grow. In the first quarter of 2017, the number of active users in the QQ space was even less than the same period of three years ago. .

There is also a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Some netizens have found that in the past two years, their QQ space dynamics have increased a lot, but user-originated dynamics have decreased sharply. In any case, it is a fact that the current weak growth of the QQ space is a fact, and it is a fact that it is difficult to retain users, and it is also a fact that many of its actions of "away from" users are also a fact.

Demystifying the "Four Latent Crises" of QQ Space

It is worth noting that after a period of "prosperity", the QQ space was gradually left out, and the factors that caused it to be left out, in addition to the more attractive social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, the impact on it was even greater. The reason also lies in some problems hidden in the process of updating and perfecting. For many years, QQ space still has many disadvantages in the process of updating and perfecting.

First, the problem of "following the trend" is serious, and its own personal characteristics are not prominent. Although various new and novel gameplays introduced by QQ Space have gained a certain degree of attention, they are also deviating from their own personalized track. For example, when Happy Farm came out in 2008, QQ Space also subsequently launched QQ Farm; when the live broadcast became a vent in 2016, QQ Space started live broadcast again. Although the QQ farm at that time brought a lot of user traffic to the QQ space, but The live broadcast that followed the trend has not received widespread attention, and the results have been modest. When the live broadcast outlet faded, it became a "bubble". It is undeniable that these functions have added fun to users, but in the process of blindly following the trend, it is inevitable that the QQ space will lose its own personality characteristics more and more, and the “good feeling” in the air outlets is gradually exhausted.

Second, there are too many functions of chicken ribs, and many functions are not incompatible with the actual needs of users. As an Internet product, it itself needs to be continuously updated with the Internet wave. Only in this way can the QQ space continue to maintain vitality and keep pace with the times. However, it is precisely on the road of continuous innovation that the QQ space deviates more and more from the original line, and more and more from its slogan of "sharing life and keeping touch". Users who originally loved sharing life became disliked sharing life, and the QQ space dynamics gradually became less. Replaced by a series of dazzling features launched by QQ Space, such as "space pets", "background radio", etc., and some new features have been cumbersome after the launch, most of which are actually very attractive, On the contrary, more chicken ribs are dazzling.

Third, there are too many advertisements and the user experience is getting worse. As we all know, now the QQ space not only adds advertising pushes, but also some short video recommendations. Under the circumstances that the friend space dynamics have dropped, these advertising recommendations have almost filled the entire QQ space page. The intention of users entering the QQ space is to If you want to browse your friends' news, you can only see the full-screen advertisement recommendation and some "no content" content, and the experience will naturally decline with it. In addition, the current QQ space has also become the world of WeChat. The content of WeChat ads that should have been in the WeChat circle of friends has been expanded to the QQ space. The pervasive format of the ads consumes a little patience of netizens. Furthermore, the QQ space was originally a social network with a life-oriented nature, which means that the degree of commercialization of users is relatively low. If the QQ space is pushed to a high degree of commercialization, it will easily lose its original taste. Mandatory liquidation will only There is an outweigh of the situation.

Fourth, the ability to monitor dynamic information in the QQ space is poor, and many sources of unfounded and meaningless information "destroy" the QQ space. I believe that many people must have seen such a "QQ space body" in their impressions of the QQ space. For example, netizens virally reposted irrelevant compulsory remarks with the content of "Not turning not a Chinese". These contents are not true and have inflammatory remarks, which makes users gradually resent this, and their dependence on QQ space is gradually decreasing. Although after a period of rectification, similar speech has basically disappeared from the QQ space, but the "psychological shadow" that once caused users still exists, which is also an "indispensable" factor that causes netizens to escape from the QQ space. Just as netizens teased: "If you are not careful, your conscience will be gone", "If you are not careful, you may go to school" ...

From this point of view, there are many factors that cause the dynamic reduction of the QQ space, but more reasons come from the QQ space itself. Many seemingly irrelevant content is gradually accumulating day by day, and gradually becomes a pusher for "driving away" users. Push users farther and farther. Therefore, in addition to the large number of user groups accumulated by the first-mover advantage in the many online markets of social platforms, QQ space is significantly reducing the dynamics of friend space, one of its core content. QQ space needs to explore user needs based on the current situation, and add more The initiative is returned to the user.

The crisis is pervading, and the QQ space is being marginalized?

Some people say that even if they leave the QQ space after the 90s, there will still be a younger generation to become their baton. This may be effective in the era of online social development, but in the current status of the rich online social platform, It is an indisputable fact that attraction is waning, and it faces multiple external pressures.

There is no doubt that the younger generation born with a rich and diverse network of social platforms is faced with more and more choices. The "play remaining" set of the post-90s generation will gradually become less attractive to them. Interesting mobile phones Too much software has already distracted some QQ space users. For example, Weibo and WeChat cut off most of the people ’s time. The QQ space has gradually moved to the marginalization, and its attractiveness to users is greatly weakened compared with the previous one; In addition, online social platforms are becoming more competitive, and there are more and more Internet products that meet the social needs of different groups of people. The competitiveness of QQ Space in this area is obviously not as good as before. It also wants to reproduce the original "brilliant moment". More difficult.

However, thanks to its huge user volume, the QQ space will not "die" in a short time. The huge user volume is supporting this huge social circle, and its vitality is still strong. The rich experience of social discussion is also A good medicine to support its "enduring". Secondly, the gaming needs and social needs of younger users still exist, so many users are still holding their ground. This virtual space that bears the memory of many people's youth has become a social representative, and its strong foundation makes it stand on its feet.

In summary, the sense of crisis in the QQ space is gradually deepening. It needs to inject new vitality to regain a new life, and maintain its position in the Internet society with increasing competition pressure. Moreover, very few social platforms can achieve permanent attraction to the same user, but what once carried so many people's youthful memories still survives with emotions. It needs to continue to grow and keep up with the pace of modern teenagers, and Only when you maintain your original intention in the Internet social tide can you gain a firm foothold and prevent it from being blown away by the strong wind, or you may become the next network of friends.

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