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The importance of website analysis to seo at this stage

Author: Views: 2492 Published: 2014-06-09 04:20:39 keywords , website

Nowadays, many seoers only analyze the website when they receive customers or the company has a task. The rest of the time, they treat the most basic set: URL, link structure, keyword layout, title, content, and external links as treasures. , So that many seoer can not control the overall advantages of different websites and the external chain structure. What is the reason? However, it must be said that website analysis is indeed a multi-purpose "internal skill" cultivation method for Seoer. It can be said that "all data is blank before actual combat." If Seoer wants to become a real combat ghost, he can only analyze the website's practice and make all the details. You can make it happen, and your strategy will come in handy. In simple terms, even if it is very verbose, analyzing a website must have two major characteristics that we must pay attention to:

1. Website analysis can enhance your proficiency in website diagnostic sensitivity and strategic layout

Some facts you should know, Baidu's classification principles, encyclopedias, news, Q & A, forums, blogs, and even the corporate sites we often do are different. We only need to take a moment to observe the content and speed. It can be seen that, for example, the content of the encyclopedia should be professional and authentic; the content of the news should be pursued quickly ... The length and length of the layout sometimes can't explain anything, it depends on the situation, so the entire site layout and link structure of different websites, good content The assessment is more or less different. What should I do in the face of these situations? Only analyze the website. Different types of websites meet the needs of users in different ways. Baidu must be bound by different rules. If we change it, we understand it, but how many people realize it?

In terms of engaging in high-traffic websites, we often mention that playing seo means playing with ideas. Where's the idea? It's not that you can come up with ideas out of thin air. Just like Zainiu's writers have to read a lot of books to pave the way for knowledge, we also need to analyze the website frequently to improve our ability. When you see a lot of websites, you can see that various websites are actually too easy to start, but only a little change is ok. Masters have a feeling of what they are familiar with. When you see through the website, everything It's barely in front of you. Where there is a problem, just look for the collision point!

2.Learn about the latest trends in Baidu's algorithms

I find that many of us, especially the ones that novices know, are still a set of methods 10 years ago. Now the Baidu algorithm is constantly updated, and many seoers are constantly being degraded and restored. There are a lot of reasons for this. Not in the times, falling into the trap, and now Baidu has too much movement, many people say that Baidu's problem is going crazy. Disapprove:

I believe that anyone who knows computer languages and algorithms knows that no matter how intelligent, it depends on the rules made by human simulation requirements, that is, it is bound and cannot be free to do whatever it wants. Is Baidu's engineer crazy or search engine crazy?

There is also a point that Baidu did not have problems when the technology was very poor in the past. Now it often has problems? Even if something goes wrong, you don't often go crazy. Because the website is engaged in activities, promotion, etc., it is highly volatile. In addition to Baidu ’s technical determination of cheating, the rest of the time is based on the statistical scope of thousands of website data in a certain period of time. The limits are broad and not as scary as we feared. Therefore, there is a fundamental reason for the general change in rankings. Is it possible that Baidu is confusing webmasters in the event of "crazy" now, and by looking at the changes in various websites through demotion, try to verify the authenticity of the website data, so Alternative means to determine whether a website is credible.

Because Baidu just simulates human nature to formulate rules. More than ten years of experience are enough for engineers to improve. Now all they can do is restrict cheating. Regardless of white cats and black cats, it is good to catch mice. Cats, no matter what method, can be avoided, punishment for cheating is a good method, coupled with the saying that there are policies to countermeasures, many changes in Baidu will not be made public. This is what Baidu is afraid of. These details can only be solved by everyone from website analysis, and only the website can tell you.

No matter how to say, we who do seo live on the website, often "contact feelings" with the website, the website will tell you the secret of its existence. I don't know if this metaphor is appropriate, but for Seoer, there is no doubt about the importance of analyzing the website.

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