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Practical operation of WeChat in online promotion

Author: Views: 2512 Published: 2014-04-27 09:24:25 construction site , mobile client , network promotion , soft paper writing , business promotion


Recently, a relatively popular software mobile client software in Fuyang area should be WeChat. At present, WeChat usage has exceeded 200 million. Basically, young people are playing WeChat, but how to make WeChat better What do I use to contribute to corporate propaganda? Today, I will introduce the beauty of WeChat from the main article of Fuyang website construction .

First, the circle of friends mentioned that WeChat is the one that everyone is playing. This function is like the QQ space on the computer side. When the QQ space is the hottest, many people are playing, but now WeChat has been slow. Instead, WeChat's circle of friends is more practical for advertising, sharing experiences, and enclosing some soft ads in the middle, which depends on your ability to write soft articles.

2. Likes At present, many businesses are pushing some activities to distribute preferential measures by collecting a certain number of likes. This feature is also a good way to easily brand, collect customer information (you can register for an event online by clicking like), and promote corporate culture. However, Tencent has begun to rectify the campaign of advertising through likes. The policy has been issued, and the group of likes through public accounts can no longer be sent out, but it can still be produced through other methods, such as information. Stored in the official WeChat database, it is more feasible just to let people in the circle of friends forward a certain link of their own multiple stations, and it is also feasible to forward a small text through a personal account to collect praise. It's just a different idea.

3. How to add more people to our public account or personal account. This is a problem that is more concerned by everyone. This can directly affect the final effect when we push an event in the later stage. In fact, this can also be done by printing some QR code advertisements in the store or through a certain product, and using some seductive promotional words, so as to increase the scanning efforts of customers. As long as the amount in our circle of friends reaches a certain number, it is still possible to bring some advertisements in the content that is often pushed. The circle of friends is like a fish pond that we need to slowly raise, and often push some scientific knowledge, health knowledge, Motivational articles, employment information, etc. still attract the attention of many people.

Fourth, WeChat is changing from scratch, and from being refined. There are not many restrictions to enter this circle. I believe WeChat will issue more restrictions in the future, and it will become more and more difficult to do so. This is the market. Those who entered early have already become rich through WeChat developers. Don't wait and see. After a while, you must speed up the pace, otherwise you will not be one step behind your opponent, but far away. Far.

Well, I will write this today. In the following, I will talk about some cases in detail to teach you how to do Internet marketing through WeChat. The above content is provided by Fuyang Network Company . If anything is wrong, please contact me.

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