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Analysis of Technical Problems in Fuyang Website Production

Author: Views: 2278 Published: 2014-01-09 04:00:47 production site , Internet companies , source code , JS codes , Fuyang


Today, I will analyze it in detail for everyone. In the production of the website, without knowing the technology, how to not be fooled by the Internet company. I hope that the study of this article will bring you gains.

First, the layout coding of the website, div + css has become the mainstream, and the table has passed. No matter from all aspects, the page made by div + css is much faster than the page made by table. .

Second, there are too many js codes in website pages. I see a lot of js code embedded in the source code of many websites. Even if js code is needed to achieve a certain effect, can you put these codes in one or two Called in the file. JS is mainly used for a special effect in a web page. If a large number of it appears on the page, it will seriously affect the page opening speed and website ranking.

Third, the choice of background language in website construction, now rarely seen asp language to build a website. Even if you look at the establishment time of this website, it must be a few years ago. And if which network company still uses ASP to build your website, then you better say no. Because if you are an enterprise station, then the network company will definitely provide you with an access database. This database is actually sufficient for small businesses, but for future development, you can choose to use php + mysql to configure multiple stations And database.

Fourth, the keyword settings of the website pages, each page should set a unique title, description. The title and description of each page of the website made by many website construction companies because they are troublesome or do not have such a consciousness are the same. This greatly improves the similarity of the website pages. Even a good search engine written by you cannot extract valid information from the title and description. It is actually very simple to achieve this. It doesn't take much effort.

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