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Is the defense station suitable for optimization?

Author: Views: 2274 Published: 2014-01-08 10:58:29 construction sites , do site , Fuyang , God
When making websites for many companies, customers will have this demand: I think that the website of a certain company is very good, you can replace the content of this website with ours. The main article of Fuyang Website Construction Company does not recommend doing this. But the customer spends money, the customer is God, and the customer insists that we do nothing about it. Let me talk about it for you today. Is the defense station suitable for optimization?

In fact, customers say that there are two ways to make a website the same as a certain website. One is to use the code and calling style of the original website. The other is to make the page layout the same as that of a certain website, and then ask the typist to typeset and add the background. It is not difficult to see that the latter method is definitely better than the first method.

If the new website is directly copied from a certain website, most of the code is the same, then it is definitely not good for optimization. This may lead search engines to suspect that the new site is mirrored. It is not a mirror image in the strict sense. Because only the program and code are the same, and the content must be completely different.

No matter which method is the imitation station, there is not much problem for optimization. Not enough to have an impact on website optimization. So you don't need to worry about the problem that the copied website cannot be optimized. But it's better not to imitate standing. Every enterprise should have its own characteristics. Visit the layout of other websites can. But don't have the same image and layout.

The main article produced by Fuyang website reminds everyone that this is not recommended: modify a website a little, then the content is almost the same, and then go online. Go and optimize these two sites. It is definitely more difficult to optimize at these two stations. Because not only is the program the same, the website content is also almost the same.

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