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What talents are needed to run a website

Author: Fuyang do site views: 2194 Published: 2014-01-02 03:35:56 optimization promotion , garbage station , do site , personnel , and


How to operate a website well, here refers to the website that brings profits to the enterprise through this website, not those messy garbage stations, how to maximize the revenue, and from which aspects to start, these issues are made by Fuyang website today The main article for you to analyze in detail:

To run a website well, you need to be equipped with the following personnel: a technical person, an art artist, an optimized promotion person, a bidding person, an editor, a consultant, and a supervisor. Here are the types of personnel The work arrangement is carried out in detail.

I. Technology

Technology should understand a development language such as asp, php, can use their own technology to make a website, and multi-site user experience can be reflected in his technology. If it is a small company, sometimes it is not necessary to hire a professional technology, the cost of this piece will increase, it is entirely possible for the website to be produced by the Internet company, which is also a cost-saving method. Do a few websites, there are specialized bidding, there are specialized optimization, the website is not much technical after the website is done, the technology is different from the art, you need to make different pages, activities at different times Wait.


Artists can be regarded as important people in this team. Artists need to design some pages through cooperation with promoters, bidders, and technicians, and each page has marketing awareness to make the page full of vitality. Launching some activities in different seasons and at different times, these activities can completely form a small profit and sell more. For example, last year's Double 11, Taobao's daily sales were 35 billion, and activities are often the most capable of selling. The basis of the assessment is the amount of pictures made.

Third, the bidding is actually the Baidu bidding. The main job is to spend every month's budget and bring benefits to the enterprise at the same time. This is the most important. You can create a profit statement for several months. After analyzing the data, you can see the technical level of this bidder. The bidders can be evaluated by the following indicators: average click price range, average daily consumption, website visits, consultations, and the last conversion.

Fourth, optimize the promotion staff

Why is it called the promotion and promotion personnel? This is actually divided into two types, because professional optimization personnel and promotion personnel are engaged in different tasks. If it is a small business, these two tasks can be combined together to save costs. Optimizers mainly use technical and artistic websites to optimize the ranking of keywords through various means, so that some of the main keywords of the website have a good ranking. The main job of the promoter is to cooperate with the optimizer to post links To drive the optimization of the website. The evaluation of optimization and promotion personnel is mainly performed by optimizing the ranking of keywords and the total amount of external promotion data.

V. Editors

Editing can be said to be a very important position, because now each search engine has restrictions on the collected data. Articles that require originals can only be written by their own editors. Before writing, a lot of information about related products is required. In order for the website to have a good ranking, it is a last resort. The editor can specifically recruit some counterparts, such as those who study journalism and Chinese literature. The main ability is to fool around. You can assess the quality and quantity of your articles.


This staff is really indispensable and directly affects the transformation of this work. All the previous work is centered around this step, so the ability of consulting work is particularly important. 100 effective dialogues, how many deals can be achieved It all depends on the capabilities of the consultant. 30% or 50% success rate, different consultants are different. You can try it for 1-3 months. Fortunately, you can see the data directly.

Network supervisor

The work of the supervisor is actually very complicated, and needs to cooperate with the work coordination, data analysis, and personnel transfer of different people. The comprehensive knowledge of the supervisor must be strong, such as technology, marketing knowledge, optimization skills, promotion skills, consulting skills and so on. In any job vacancy, he can fill the vacancy in different ways. Especially for data analysis, the website's traffic reaches consultation, and consultation is completed. What are the problems in these steps, which can be found and resolved in time. You need to learn to look at the data, use it, and analyze it.

The above staffing is required by a standard online marketing company, mainly depending on the specific situation of the company. If only some new products are displayed online, you can also hire online companies to serve the company, but the cost of this It will be much higher. Like professional consulting companies, they can pack the packages involved in a business, which is a commission for a certain percentage of the commission. These are also an industry of the New Bank in the development of the Internet in the past two years, and their goal is to talk about performance. Well, I won't say much today. The next issue will give you a detailed analysis of different types of work, their assessment methods, and the manifestation of workload. The above content is from Fuyang website construction , please indicate when reprinted!
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