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Answers to recent oCPC launch questions

Author: Views: 861 Published: 2019-04-19 03:12:21

1. If the bid type set by oCPC according to the click premium is met, can it be directly edited to meet the target conversion cost?

Answer: No, if you edit it, it will regress and the data will be accumulated again.

2. Can I set two bid types for one account? Is one cost per conversation and one cost per click?

Answer: Yes, this is for different oCPC delivery packages. Only one of the same oCPC delivery packages can be selected.

When creating a new oCPC delivery package, you can only choose one bidding type for each delivery package. Now you can create two delivery packages, which are set up based on target cost and click premium. These two packages work at the account level / plan level. It will affect the model and then the delivery performance. It is recommended that only one bid type binding be established.

3. When the second-order stabilization is needed to expand the plan incrementally, if the existing delivery package acts on the entire account, will the new plan be automatically associated with this package?

A: It will be automatically associated, but if the release only affects the plan level, the newly created plan cannot be associated. At present, the background modification scope of the release package is not open. If necessary, you can contact customer service to apply for an entrance.

4. Does the JS code monitor click conversions when creative components are clicked? Will they be recorded as conversions?

A: The actual measurement has not recorded the number of clicks in the creative component as conversions, pending further confirmation.

5. Why does the OCPC logon traffic come in without entering the second stage?

A: As long as conversion tracking is established, there will be a bd_vid logo

6. After doing oCPC, why the conversion amount displayed in the background is 0, but there is a dialogue amount in the actual consulting tool

A: If the duration is long and there is still no conversion volume, it is recommended to delete and re-establish the delivery package and act on the account level. Still unable to speak, it is recommended to contact customer service.


The following is the feedback of some children's shoes after they put oCPC







There are several other children's shoes that also report that they have a good effect, but in the group who said that the conversion has recently declined or has not been converted, most of them have not done oCPC placement. Currently, o CPC placement has absorbed high-quality traffic. At this stage It is still the traffic dividend period of oCPC. The earlier you join, the greater the benefit.

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