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A picture is worth tens of thousands of yuan. How should you deal with professional fraud gangs?

Author: Views: 737 Published: 2018-09-04 02:51:08

Nowadays, scammers are rampant. Fraud gangs use legal methods to deceive and defraud, which is to use some units or individuals to lack the law. In the end, the scam was successful. Finally, a team was formed with a clear division of labor. There were pictures searched on the entire network. There were courts. For subpoenas, a team of dozens of professional lawyers is hired, and hundreds of lawsuits will be filed a month, and hundreds of private settlements will be made, even thousands of them. Settled, so some companies or individuals will choose to settle privately and lose money.

1 ( 1 )

This is the case. There is a child shoe in the group, which has received several court summonses. Oh, do n’t get it wrong. It is the company where the children's shoes are located. It has received several court summons, this time because their website uses a certain picture. , Infringement, the other party is going to be private, give 23,000.


2 ( 2 )


The small gray gray children's shoes in the group gave suggestions, the analysis made sense, and roughly summarized the ideas of the next children's shoes, providing some references for children's shoes in the future if similar situations are encountered.


For the sake of narrative convenience, the infringed party is temporarily called A, and the infringing party is called B


The small gray children's shoes in the group gave the following psychological analysis, as follows:


:我先申请个法院传票到你公司(这之前,甲方肯定调查过乙,包括不限于 公司知名度 公司网站侵权图片 有过类似的侵权其他人的事件没 )这一招叫 先发制人 ,不管我手里有没有版权,或者版权是否过期,乙方可能不知道这些,也许在版权方面就是小白,先吓唬下。 Thinking from the perspective of Party A : I first applied for a court summons to your company (Before that, Party A must have investigated Party B, including not limited to company reputation , company website infringement pictures , and similar incidents of infringing others ). This call is for preemptive action . Regardless of whether there is copyright in my hand or whether the copyright has expired, Party B may not know these. Perhaps it is a confession in terms of copyright.


欲擒故纵 ,甲方坐等电话,如果时间长了,没电话进来,甲方要主动出击了。 The second move is here. Party A is waiting for the phone. If time is too long and no phone comes in, Party A will take the initiative.


It looks like,


XX , 我是 XXX ,法院传票你们收到了吧,你们侵权了,这事咱们是走正常法院流程话你是私了,乙方,你们的版权发一下,甲方,嗯,稍后邮件发你们,麻烦给个邮箱 Hey, is it XX, I ’ m XXX , you have received the court summons, you have infringed, we are following the normal court process, you are private, Party B, your copyright is issued, Party A, uh, later Email you guys, please give me an email


乙方还算是有点智商,要版权,一般甲方会主动发,即使乙方不要。 Well, in the above words, Party B is still a little IQ. If copyright is required, Party A will usually send it out, even if Party B does not.



3 ( 3 )


The above comes to an end, and then the mail comes. Everything looks very formal and has a limited period. At this point, Party B was lost and had to lose money again.



三千,但这…… 还是得赔钱呀! At this point, consider the problem from the perspective of Party B: Last time we infringed, litigated, and lost tens of thousands of dollars. We met again this time. I was in a hurry. I do n’t know what to do. It costs two thousand three thousand, but this ... still has to lose money! I did n’t make much money!


:甲方起诉前肯定做足了功课,利用乙方怕麻烦,怕多赔钱的心理,私了解决问题,让自己赚个好几千,也是不错的。 Summary of Xiaohuihui children's shoes : Party A must have done his homework before the lawsuit. Party B is afraid of trouble and fear of losing money, and solves the problem privately, so that he can earn thousands of dollars. It is also good. And Party B, the company is not very famous, does not have its own legal team, just a part-time lawyer, each consultation fee is enough to compensate the infringement, limited to tangled.


Little gray children's shoes recommendations:


(要授权人的联系方式); Confirm the authenticity of the other party's authorization (the contact information of the authorized person);

The authorizing party this time is a well-known director, Party A is expected to be unable to contact Party B, so there may be a possibility of falsifying the authorization


Find your own lawyer


For professional things, find professional talents to do it. In the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


The final summary analysis of small gray gray children's shoes:


Could a well-known director pay thousands of dollars to defend his rights?

Even if it is finally confirmed that Party A's authorization is true, Party B should know that, to be exact, the worst result is expected: losing money


做有力的抗争,把自己的损失降低到最小 ,不仅仅是眼前的,还可能是未来的。 In accepting this situation, make a strong struggle to minimize your losses , not only the immediate, but also the future.


In case Party A is a liar, Party B can save a sum and even wipe out potential dangers in the future.

You can also sue Party A for fraud. At the same time, you can inform the party (a well-known director) about the incident and give Party A another blow.


起因是什么 Brother Hui said: In this world, we may encounter scammers at any time. Please calm down first, consider the key to the problem, and confirm the authenticity of the matter in various aspects. What are the causes ? How did it happen? Is there any other possibility ? What was the result ? How to respond ?

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