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Whose responsibility is the website hacked?

Author: Views: 983 Published: 2017-10-31 03:21:21
Many websites will suddenly ask the director for feedback, saying that the website suddenly appeared a lot of strange pages. Although the domain name is its own website, but the content is not published by the website, and is generally gambling and other content; or there is webmaster feedback, Baidu Caught a lot of content on your website, and these contents are betting content, but the website does not have these, what's wrong with Baidu? Ask Baidu to deal with the problem as soon as possible!

Regarding the above questions, Miss Ququ once again emphasized to everyone. If a lot of gambling and other content suddenly appears on the website, it is because the website has been hacked. This must be caused by the website's own problem, and it can only be solved by the website itself.

So, the website is hacked, how to solve it? This problem has been shared by the Academy a long time ago, Miss Ququ found it again to share with you!

First, check yourself for hacking

The hacked website has a characteristic in the data, that is, the index volume and the traffic from search engines have increased dramatically in a short time. Therefore, the webmaster can use the indexing tool of the Baidu webmaster platform to observe whether the volume of the site is abnormal. If a surge is found, use the traffic and keyword tool to check whether the keywords that get traffic are related to the website, whether it involves gaming and porn .

Querying the site through the Site syntax, combining some common pornographic and betting keywords is more effective, and it is possible to find illegal pages that do not belong to the site.

Due to the huge traffic of Baidu, some hacked behaviors only redirect the traffic brought by Baidu, which is difficult for webmasters to find. Therefore, when you check whether your site is hacked, you must click the site page from Baidu search results to see if it is skipped. Go to another site.

Site content is indicated as risky in search results.

In the future, you can ask website technicians to further confirm whether the website is hacked through background data and programs.

Second, what to do after being hacked

After confirming that the website has been hacked, in addition to promoting rapid corrections by technical staff, SEO staff also need to do some aftercare and prevention work.

If there is a change page on the website, it is recommended to use the link submission tool to submit data to Baidu.

Immediately stop the website service to prevent users from continuing to be affected and prevent other sites from continuing to be affected (recommended to use a 503 return code).

If multiple sites are hacked in the same hosting provider during the same period, you can contact the hosting provider to urge the other party to respond.

Clean up the hacked content that has been found, set the hacked page to a 404 dead link, and submit it through the Baidu webmaster platform dead link submission tool. (We found that some sites use the method of redirecting hacked pages to the homepage, which is highly undesirable.)

Examine the possible hacked time, compare with the file modification time on the server, deal with the files uploaded and modified by hackers; check the user management settings in the server to confirm whether there are abnormal changes; change the user access password of the server . Note: You can determine the possible hacked time from the access log. However, the hacker may also modify the server's access log.

Do a good job of security, check the loopholes in the website, and prevent hacking again.
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