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What's wrong with the failure of the well-known domestic ordering Internet meal order network?

Author: Views: 2641 Published: 2014-04-25 11:45:46 buy site , the Internet , the greatest , do site , ordering

What went wrong with the Internet company's failure

Internet-type companies are now in a developing stage. As the Internet is developing at the same speed, more and more people are looking at this industry, but is this industry really so mixed? Today I saw a news that closed down. I was shocked. I was very optimistic about this company in 2006, and I was planning to represent him at that time. It was only a few years before it closed down. However, if you think about some of his recent years and the speed of the development of the Internet, it is the most abnormal that he does not fail. Let us focus on a few reasons. The following content is personal opinion of Fuyang's website . It is purely personal opinion.

First, the suppression of the group buying website makes unable to fight back

The group buying website is probably around 2010. At that time, many people in first-tier cities used the group buying website to order meals and make reservations. There was no need to call and make a reservation like Fantong. was unable to keep up with a broken funding chain. One year later, launched onigiri. When others have been playing for more than a year, you are keeping up, and how can you play with others in the case of insufficient funds? Also, your ordering model has lagged far behind the development of the Internet, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet in recent years. The advent of smart phones has increased the speed of mobile Internet, and you are still using the previous Page phone ordering method. The first is that the fundamental mechanism changes without the corresponding changes in the times, which determines the survival of the enterprise.

Second, management confusion and internal interest competition lead to eventual failure

Insiders broke the news. As early as 2010, there was management confusion inside, the CEO of, Zang Li has been unwilling to delegate power. Many senior directors have only a few hundred dollars for approval. The budget must also be signed by Zang Li and be effective. Internal management has led to the departure of many senior directors due to conflicts of interest. The good or bad of an enterprise depends on the cooperation and support of these people in the leadership. There should be no disputes. From this point, we should give us a revelation. Do n’t doubt people, do n’t use this principle. Now that it is used, why bother these restrictions, it is also a limitation. In order to pay a salary, many departments need to run up and down to reach an agreement.

Third, the equity dispute leads to the final result

Any company is the same, it needs to clarify the equity and the overall task mechanism. However, did have an internal dispute over equity at the last moment of life in early 2013. The more the company struggled, the more internal shareholders contended, leading to the final result.

Well, I will write so much today, just a little share of myself, I hope to see the past, if you have different views, please contact Fuyang Network .

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