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Website operation oriented to user needs

Author: Views: 2269 Published: 2014-02-15 05:31:19 Web site operators , Baidu spider , ad networks , the Internet , repeat customers
The ultimate purpose of our website is to obtain corresponding profits in the hands of users. Maybe some webmasters will say that the source of my website's profits comes from the advertising network. It has no direct relationship with users. As long as users flicker, they can make money. And there are tens of thousands of users from the Internet, not to repeat customers. It is not uncommon for webmasters with such thoughts, but with the adjustment of Baidu's algorithm, the traffic that seems to be flickering over has not been seen by Baidu spiders, and more such traffic tends to make Baidu pay more attention and even block Rights, so if you want to make your website more profitable, you must follow a user-oriented strategy in terms of website operations.

So what are the needs of users? Many webmasters are often not clear about their minds. They operate more based on their personal preferences. Even commercial sites, when analyzing user needs, they will refer to and imitate brand sites in the same industry, because many people will think that Industry leaders learn, even if they are not equal to their fanfare, it is good to be able to achieve half of the profits of these industry leaders, but the reality is that the more imitation, often the less profitable, and on the contrary go out of their own path, it is also the same industry As long as there is differentiation, it can increase its own profits.

Analyzing the hidden needs of users is the key to achieving differentiation

Even portal sites such as NetEase and Sina are unable to meet the needs of all users, because the size and size of the site are constant, and user needs are always diversified, which brings us to the differentiation of operating websites may. According to this logic, some industry websites or similar industry websites can also implement this differentiated strategy. For example, talent websites, in addition to the needs of talent networks that have local differences as well as talent websites that require various industries, These are all based on the differentiation of user needs.

Speaking of talent websites that take the industry as the user's needs, basically they are independent talent websites that operate with the target of potential user needs, such as medical talent websites. This demand is based on the sharp increase in current private medical institutions and the sharp shortage of medical talents, while traditional talent websites rarely involve this field, so the emergence of medical talent websites naturally meets the needs of most medical companies. By analogy, there is a talent website based on the combination of industry and locality, which is also a differentiated operation by analyzing the potential needs of users.

Multi-channel analysis of user needs

User needs always show a changing trend. This is like the Internet buzzwords that are constantly changing every year. From true talent to stunned friends, from empowerment to immediate blessing, etc., reflect changes in user needs. Therefore, for the operation of the website, it is not possible to follow a simple one-to-one model. Instead, it must be closely integrated with social reality to continuously optimize the content of its website, so as to achieve the coordination of user needs. Demand-oriented operational thinking.

And the best way to judge the channel of user demand changes is the Baidu drop-down box and related search keywords at the bottom of the search page. These keywords are generally the proportion of users' search volume within a month. In this industry, Baidu ranks the content comparison of the top 20 websites, thereby optimizing the user needs and content of its own website, so that it can not only allow the website to present differentiated operations, but also effectively reduce competition on its own website.

All in all, winning user demand is equivalent to winning user loyalty, and the core of website operation is actually to allow users to become loyal partners of the website. This is an opportunity to allow the website's profits to continue to grow and its core competitiveness to be continuously improved. This article was first published by Guangzhou Talent Network A5, please reprint the link source, thank you for your cooperation!
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