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A preliminary study on the recent ranking algorithm of Baidu search engine

Author: Views: 2184 Published: 2014-02-13 10:52:04 search engine , Baidu official , Internet , SEO optimization , database

Baidu's algorithm has been changing all the time. Last year, Baidu officially introduced the well-known Luluo algorithm, which hit many websites, and also eliminated many webmasters' information on seo optimization work. What more brutal algorithms Baidu will launch this year is unknown. However, it is certain that the introduction of Baidu's algorithm will surely put many webmasters into the edge of depression.

Baidu algorithm was introduced to purify the Internet

In fact, the reason why Baidu ’s ranking algorithm is also to evolve the Internet environment, so the introduction of the algorithm is a promotion for the healthy development of the Internet. In terms of the algorithm that must be read last year, although the algorithm has hit some websites, those websites are spam sites. If they exist in Baidu's database for a long time, it will have a bad user experience for Baidu. Baidu has done this, leaving a lot of good websites that are suitable for user experience, and it has made outstanding contributions to the healthy development of the Internet. Moreover, Baidu is a search engine. It needs user support to develop in the long run. By doing so, it will better adapt to customer needs and naturally increase customer experience.

A Probe into Baidu's Algorithm in 2014

In 2014, although Baidu has not proposed better algorithm rules so far, I recently discovered some ranking rules from the Internet. I found that Baidu valued its own products very much and moved its products closer to the homepage. In terms of the word "Ginkgo", Baidu has recently promoted a lot of Baidu information. As shown in the figure:   

It can be seen from the figure that the first three are not the information of Ginkgo, but are Baidu's own information. In doing so, many webmaster sites optimized by Ginkgo have been left behind. No matter how hard they work, Baidu will still occupy the top position of search engines. In this regard, the author believes that Baidu may do this to try to force customers to do Baidu bidding and create value for them. In fact, it is not difficult for Baidu to do so. The competition between Baidu and 360 last year caused Baidu to lose a large search engine market. If Baidu does not attract more customers to advertise this year, then Baidu ’s dominance in the Chinese search engine industry will be Encountered unprecedented challenges.

It can be seen that many webmasters worry about how Baidu's algorithm will change this year, but it is certain that website optimization will become more difficult. The article is original and the source is Please indicate the source when reprinting.

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