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Improve the competitiveness of e-commerce websites

Author: Views: 2205 Published: 2014-02-08 01:02:15 e-commerce , competitiveness , friend , electricity providers , website

The operation of a website always encounters various obstacles. Especially in the face of endless peer websites, webmaster friends will always feel great pressure. Then there are various answers to this question, and we should analyze according to the type of website in order to make our website stand out from peers. This article is mainly aimed at the operation of e-commerce websites, and talks about how to run an e-commerce website. In fact, we can consider this issue from another angle. Maybe we can put the most important question in one phrase: facing With so many same products in peer websites, how can you make the majority of users feel that your e-commerce website is more competitive? Because competitive website users can easily identify you, then the website's sales performance will not be too bad. The following are the important aspects of the competitiveness of e-commerce websites:

First, the products on the website must be unique.

For example, everyone knows why Xiaomi mobile phones have created such a high sales legend in the past two years. I personally think that the biggest role of delivery is the uniqueness of the website product itself-unique high configuration, high cost performance Wait. No other website, only my family sells such products, because during that time, few of the products can reach such a high price-performance ratio, such a high configuration, can not buy elsewhere! This is the product Unique competitiveness! Rather than saying that the customer is God, it is better to say that the quality of the product and the value of the product itself are God! Which website can and who can create the greatest value for users, their customers will come to your door and ask you to buy. The hungry marketing behind the Xiaomi mobile phone and the F code launched are also due to the uniqueness of its products. Many users can't buy it, and they will even do everything possible to buy the F code online to compete for Xiaomi mobile phones.

Second, the website products must have market demand.

Now with the popularity of WeChat marketing, many people use WeChat as a platform to make money. In this way, those WeChat group sending software and WeChat management software came into being, but many merchants even burned a lot of money. WeChat fans There are also more page views, why is there no sales? For this reason, it is easy to think at a glance, is there no market demand for the product, if there is no market demand for the product, how do you promote it, and how to promote it, its sales Not too optimistic.

Third, the website service attitude should be good enough.

Whether it is an offline physical store or an online e-commerce website, a good service attitude is an essential operating link. For the customer, if the service is good enough, the customer would rather spend a little more to buy your goods. The service attitude of the website is also important. For example, in the sales process of the website, some unrelated questions raised by users, the customer service staff of the website should also tirelessly answer, plus carefully listen to the suggestions and suggestions provided by users, it is easy to have a large number of repeat customers, which is beneficial to e-commerce Long-term development of the website.

Fourth, the after-sales support of website products is critical.

The service quality of e-commerce websites determines whether there are repeat customers. The service after the user submits the order payment is also very important, otherwise there will be successive refunds and returns. As an e-commerce website, first of all, product services must be in place; secondly, problems outside the product must be answered and resolved in time, and strive to be friends with users, so that there will be follow-ups and repeat customers, and an e-commerce website with good after-sales support is one. A successful website, otherwise users will not come again easily once.

In short, only by combining the product itself, the market environment, service quality and after-sales service to create the greatest value for the majority of users, can e-commerce websites stand out from the competition in the industry and become bigger and stronger.

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