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Behind the Wechat New Year's Red Envelopes: Product Design Mishaps

Author: Views: 2577 Published: 2014-02-03 05:21:57 product design , Xinhua , security , Beijing , article
Xinhuanet, Beijing, February 1 (Reporter Sun Yunlong) On January 31, when people were still talking about WeChat's "grabbing red envelopes" and snatching the Spring Festival Gala time, this product that integrates mobile payment into game elements said, The total number of people participating in the red envelope grabbing on New Year's Eve reached 4.82 million. Although the users of WeChat's "New Year Red Envelope" have not reached the legendary 100 million people, this small and large product has been quite successful. It has not only won the attention of the media and many users, but more importantly, it has precipitated a number of mobile payments. user. Numerous analytical articles in the media have covered the success of WeChat Pay, so I won't repeat them here. This article just wants to talk about the experience of the New Year red envelope.

Users still lack security

To put it simply, the success of WeChat's "New Year's Red Envelope" is to capture the needs of users and combine the traditional Chinese custom of red envelopes with Chinese New Year and the fast-growing WeChat payment to achieve expansion and expansion through simple social gaming methods. Purpose of precipitation payment users. The biggest doubts of friends around when experiencing WeChat red envelopes is, is it safe to bind a savings card with WeChat "New Year Red Envelopes"? Although Zhang Jun, a spokesperson for Tencent, said in an interview with the media that WeChat Pay has established multiple security protections to ensure the safety of user funds, and most users still have doubts when they actually participate. More users have chosen a savings card with a small amount of storage, and have a try mentality, tied to WeChat payment. In the common questions about the New Year's red envelope, WeChat answered the user's questions about how to participate in the "New Year's Red Envelope", how to bind a savings card, and how to withdraw cash, but did not give an answer to the security issues that the user is very concerned about. Ordinary users are very concerned about their own funds security, and how to dispel the user's security concerns and reassure users is a matter that WeChat needs to consider. I believe everyone has not forgotten the recent incident that users claimed that the bank card was stolen after binding Alipay. WeChat payment, which is also an online payment, should relieve users' worries. Of course, answering security questions is just one of them. WeChat should also ensure the safety of users' use in terms of technology and product design.

Design flaw: can only be tied to savings card withdrawal

If there is anything wrong with WeChat's "New Year Red Envelope", then the limited withdrawal channel is one of them. After the new year ’s Eve ’s “grabbing red envelopes”, many friends were voicing: I do n’t want to bind my bank card. Is n’t the money I want to deposit here? Perhaps it was too late a year ago. WeChat also said that it is intensively developing new features to allow users to use the money in the red envelope without binding the card, such as charging mobile phone charges. Personally, WeChat's move is to allow more users to bind savings cards. Although some users may be added, the user experience is greatly reduced. Any act of forcing users will cause users to feel resentment. WeChat teams who have designed such functions as "red envelopes" cannot fail to understand. From this perspective, WeChat's "New Year Red Envelope" product needs to be improved and improved.

Network crash: lack of plans to grab red envelopes

As everyone expected, when users began to explode, the network and support were often not ready. Previously, there was a precedent for the collapse of Alipay on Taobao Double Eleven. According to official WeChat data, the total number of people participating in red envelopes on New Year's Eve reached 4.82 million; the highest peak appeared at 00:00, and the instant peak reached 25,000 red envelopes were opened. According to feedback from many friends, WeChat's New Year's red envelope collapse is relatively common. Even on WiFi and 4G networks, it is sometimes difficult for users to open the red envelope, which only shows that WeChat is not ready enough. Maybe this is why the last item in the "New Year Red Envelope" FAQ says, "If you encounter a busy system, it is recommended to restart the operation later." Of course, WeChat's "New Year Red Envelope" has done a very good job, making the Chinese New Year life more fun for many users. I just hope that in the era of "experience is king" in the mobile Internet, Internet companies will take into account the balance between user experience and business interests when launching new applications to make our mobile life better.
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