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To avoid weakness in the future, the webmaster must learn to continue to “explode”

Author: Views: 2529 Published: 2014-01-12 04:57:35 Baidu , a layman , conversion rate , long-distance running , traffic

For the industry of webmasters, lay people always find it amazing. It is really wonderful to think that a virtual website and an invisible domain name can become the support of life. In fact, these are just everyone's guess. A true webmaster, a real grassroots webmaster, in addition to mystery and pay, there is also loneliness, and even uncertainty about the future. It can be said that the website has given us a lot, and we are very likely to become confused in the process of operating the website.

A successful website, a successful collective is not simply a simple one. It takes a long and arduous effort. Even if your website ’s early traffic rises rapidly and the conversion rate is high, it is also highly regarded by Baidu. However, there is not a good operation idea. In the end, it is very likely that the long-distance running is weak, and it is facing a bottleneck period of development. Whether it is Taobao, information site, novel site, download site, or the IDC business of the data station that we do now, we cannot make a reasonable allocation of our resources, and the final result will linger.

So what can we do to truly grasp the continuity and coherence of the development, and not to let the website "abruptly stop" when "Fenghua Zhengmao"? I think there are six points that need your attention.

First, grasp user data closely and conduct reasonable explorations based on the needs of the other party. The user is king, and the external link is king. It has been mentioned by countless webmasters so far. This is a truth, but not everyone can truly do it. Regarding the overall needs of users, do we really know what to do and don't fall twice in the same place. We need to know that the needs of users are not only to be guided, but also to be followed. They are imposed on the users with their own wishes, and the results are bitter. Therefore, why not capture the actual data of users' consumption behavior and psychology? Collect user data through the website's own customer service, or provide a message section, or establish a user's discussion group, QQ group, WeChat, not only timely Understand everyone's needs, and also immediately promote some fresh activities, effectively reducing the sense of distance between the website itself and users.

Second, strengthen cohesion between teams and eliminate barriers. Everyone has their own ideas, as well as their own advantages and disadvantages. How to handle the dimensions is not an indispensable thing. If the heart cannot be united, no major event can be done, which is certain. Unity is strength, and the most important thing for the sustainable and healthy development of our website. If everyone's cooperation is not in place, then it is not only the operating efficiency of the website that is affected, but also the user experience, which will be a huge blow to the website. Therefore, in the mid-to-late period operation of the website, both the website technicians, product experience, and customer service staff need to cooperate with each other to effectively communicate and collaborate in order to find and solve problems in a timely manner. Strengthen team awareness, hold events regularly and increase mutual understanding. Only in this way can all contradictions become a common motivation.

Third, everything is evidenced by "numbers" and never "should" be done. It is understandable that people are always lazy. When your team or website achieves the set goals, everyone will start to slack off, but the website competition is endless, you are slacked off and satisfied, which will leave room for opponents to surpass, and the most obvious feature of everyone's satisfaction It is that the work is no longer rigorous. Every time I do a task, I always end with "almost enough" and "should be like this". I do n’t know that this is the biggest irresponsibility for the website and self. During the operation of the website, quantifiable data can be said to be website operation The result is a barometer that tracks the data on the website, especially in the middle and late stages. From the subtle data, you can see the various effects that the website brings to the user. Through the analysis of the data, we can clearly see that The focus of different groups of people is different. It can be seen that the registration volume of the website and the changes in active users, especially data sites like me, must be focused on the price and performance of products that users like to buy, otherwise it is very important. May work hard to please.

Fourth, keep learning and strengthen your competitiveness. Many times, friends around will conduct regular study and training for their staff, although this will consume a certain amount of energy and financial resources. However, it is crucial for the development of the website in the middle and late stages, and it is by no means a waste. Operators must not hesitate because of this investment, we must definitely understand the idea of long-line fishing. Provide customer training for customer service personnel to respond to various questions that users may ask after the previous stage of use, provide technical training to sales staff, improve the technical connotation of the website, and do not relax their requirements, so as to achieve a long-term Strong competitiveness.

Fifth, possess a corporate culture and strengthen spiritual needs. The operator of a website ranges from two or three people to as many as dozens of people. The thinking of so many people will inevitably be biased. There is no common goal. We have mentioned earlier that we need to strengthen communication with each other, but we must say that The long-term cooperation must highlight its corporate culture. "Cooperation, competition, solidarity, and win-win" has always been the purpose of our data, and it is also the code of adherence of each of our employees. Only in this way, everyone from the top to the bottom has a common ideal and will be realized in the future. may.

Sixth, pay attention to the role of small users in brand promotion. Many webmasters don't take small customers seriously, they think they are a one-shot deal and will not invest for a long time. In fact, after five years of standing experience, we can clearly feel that small customers actually occupy about 60% of the market, and the communication between them actually has a greater influence on the brand. Imagine that your website can receive tens of thousands of orders every time? In fact, it is still more than a few hundred or thousands of small orders. Through strengthening communication with small users, gaining their awareness and continuous use of products, accepting website services , Coupled with practical incentives, such as recommending new users to sign up or inviting to send gift points, etc., the driving force to the website is always huge.

The difficulty of website operation is the sadness of every webmaster, especially for those websites that show good signs in the early stage but cannot be used perfectly in the later stage. Failure is really an unavoidable thing. Consolidate the foundation for long-term development, and only in this way can our website continue to "explode".

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