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Fuyang Zhishang Moving Company

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Fuyang moving company

搬家公司之一,公司经过15年的奋斗,努力,以方便,快捷的服务称道。 Fuyang Zhishang moving company is one of the earlier established Fuyang moving companies. People-oriented and customer-oriented have become one of the well-known Fuyang moving companies. After 15 years of hard work, the company has been praised for its convenient and efficient service. 搬家公司、 阜阳搬场公司服务分部,使得搬家的速度大大缩短,作业范围辐射长整个皖西北地区。 The company has successively established the service divisions of Fuyang Moving Company and Fuyang Moving Company, such as Yunquan Moving Company, Yongdong Moving Company, etc., which has greatly reduced the speed of moving and extended the scope of operation throughout the northwestern Anhui region.

公司以诚恳的态度保持现在良好的发展势头,目前已成为规模最大的阜阳搬家公司。 The Fuyang moving company has maintained a good development momentum with a sincere attitude, and has now become the largest Fuyang moving company. There are nearly 100 employees, and there are more than 10 various types of transportation vehicles from 1 to 10 tons, which can meet the different needs of various customers, such as civil relocation, company relocation, and city distribution. Recently, the company has expanded the comprehensiveness related to relocation. service.

Assured quality, satisfactory service and ease of handling. 是阜阳市民家喻户晓的品牌,不管在服务标准还是服务承诺上都是行业的排头兵。 Fuyang Moving is a household name of Fuyang citizens, and it is the industry leader in terms of service standards and service commitments.

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