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Fuyang Circular Economy Park

Author: Views: 3163 Published: 2017-10-31 03:38:34 Beijing-Kowloon Railway , the circular economy , GDP , Fuyang City , marshalling


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Fuyang Circular Economic Park is located in the northeast of Fuyang City. It is adjacent to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the east, the Cihuai River in the north, and the Luohe River in the west. The Provincial Highway 202 runs through it. obvious. Since the park was launched in January 2006, under the leadership of the Liquan District Party Committee and the District Government, and under the joint efforts of the park, there have been 20 projects in 17 companies with a cumulative investment of more than 5 billion yuan. The total production value is 580 million yuan, and the profits and taxes are 50 million yuan. The annual consumption of solid waste such as fly ash is 900,000 tons, which saves more than 780 acres of arable land and 180,000 tons of coal annually.

In December 2007, it was approved by the Anhui Provincial Government as one of the second batch of provincial circular economy pilot units. At the same time, the Fuyang Circular Economy Park was included in the provincial "861" project, bringing unprecedented development to the Fuyang Circular Economy Park. Opportunity.

The planned area of the first phase of the park is 19.8 square kilometers, and the controlled detailed planned area of the concentrated area is 6 square kilometers. In accordance with the district development committee's concept of “grab opportunities and catch up”, the park seeks to make the circular economy park bigger and stronger. Accelerate the construction of infrastructure, seize the current opportunities for the country to develop a circular economy and expand domestic demand, focus on the development of large industries and projects, and extend the industrial recycling chain. Establishing "five industrial parks": a building materials industrial park based on the coal power industry; a chemical industry park dominated by coal chemical industry; an auto parts industrial park led by automobile sales and parts processing; and relying on geographical advantages to build the largest comprehensive industrial park in northern Anhui The wholesale and retail market, while supporting the construction of logistics warehousing and infrastructure, supporting the construction of hardware decoration materials processing park; high-tech, heavy equipment manufacturing as the core of the electronic machinery processing industrial park. The current phase focuses on the development of construction materials industries such as cement grinding, fly ash non-burning bricks, commercial concrete, decorative materials, waste recycling, aerated concrete and other new materials processing, and supporting construction markets, logistics, storage and infrastructure. .

Around the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, Ruixiang Building Materials, Jinlong Concrete, Hengrun New Building Materials, Wuxi Municipal Building Materials, Oriental Environmental Building Materials, Acer Building Materials, Shifeng Concrete, Fuqi Logistics and other projects have been successively completed and put into operation; Fuyang Building Materials Market, Haoyuan Tianquan Plastic Industry, Fuyang Construction Group Building Material Series, Xinyuan Building Material, Durian Cement, Straw Power Generation and other projects have been stationed in the park. The park has initially formed a new type of building material production cluster, which has driven the employment of more than 10,000 rural surplus laborers in the surrounding areas, with an annual tax of more than 50 million yuan, which has produced good ecological, economic and social effects.

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