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Fuyang Pang Hongtao Steel Co., Ltd.

Author: Views: 1250 Published: 2017-10-31 03:40:52

Fuyang Hongtao Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Jingjiu Steel Market in Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with convenient transportation. It mainly operates various types of national standards, high-speed lines, colored steel tiles, steel plates, cold plates, channel steel, etc. Steel, galvanized sheet (can be customized), equipped with Kaiping line, shear bending machine, steel processing, etc. Over the years of establishment, the company has always taken "service first, credit first" as its development objective, honesty and trustworthiness, and legal operation as its operating principles, and has continuously created a harmonious enterprise development environment and sustainable development strategies.

Address of Company: A3-6, Jingjiu Steel Market, Fuyang City

Phone: 0558-2318777 Mobile: 13605581789 Contact: Pang Hongtao

Website address:


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