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Anhui Xiaoliangkou Food Co., Ltd.

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Anhui Xiaoliangkou Food Co., Ltd. was established on June 16, 2007. The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 15,000 square meters. There are currently more than 280 employees, including 28 middle-level technical personnel. The company's address is Weiba Road, Fuyang Development Zone . There is a flour milling production line that can process 1,500 tons of wheat per day and 180,000 tons of wheat per year.

The Xiaoliangkou series of noodles are made of high-quality wheat, using the industry's advanced imitation hand-rolling process, and extruded through nine rollers. With strip-shaped smooth, delicious, soft and delicious, resistant to boiling muddy soup and so on.

The company has strong technical force, first-class equipment, and has a full set of inspection equipment such as "Braband". The newly put into production 300-ton wheat special flour production line has realized plc centralized control. It mainly deals in super special flour, high-grade special flour, high-gluten flour, dumpling flour, steamed bun flour, biscuit flour, bread flour and other food-specific flours. Mouth, good husband and other high-medium and low-grade series of noodles. All products of the company are selected wheat, which has the characteristics of fine processing, good taste, good gluten quality and rich wheat flavor. In September 2009, the company was awarded the title of “Reliable Flour” by Fuyang Grain Industry Association.

Management innovation, pioneering spirit, keeping pace with the times. The chairman of Anhui Xiaoliangkou Food Co., Ltd. sincerely invites elites and people with lofty ideals from all walks of life to join our team for common development and success.

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