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Author: Views: 3684 Published: 2017-10-31 03:38:16 rental , real estate information , rental shops , taxi , Fuyang

Timely rain advertising media: mainly engaged in print advertising design and production, online advertising, wedding and opening celebration videos and Fuyang taxi network that is website operation and other businesses.
In order to cater to the development of the market and the needs of the people, on August 1, 2012, we decided to establish the Fuyang Taxi Network after many studies and investigations. Literally, it is for the service of hired employees, but taxis serve the public, so it extends to all Fuyang and foreigners. 阜阳出租车网设立七大版块 Therefore, the Fuyang Taxi Network established seven sections


为出租从业人员及乘客服务,便于彼此交流、沟通、理解; Taxi information: services for rental practitioners and passengers, easy to communicate, communicate and understand each other;
在此可以分享你的忧伤、快乐、成功、幸福等,但前提是合法文明的; Everyone share: Here you can share your sadness, joy, success, happiness, etc., but the premise is legal and civilized;
有房产买卖、商铺出租转让、房屋出租求租等,均可在此发布; Real estate information: there are real estate transactions, renting and transfer of shops, renting of houses for rent, etc., all can be posted here;
充分利用资源,把自己不用的物品在此发布出售,这也是很好的理财之道; Second-hand information: make full use of resources and publish and sell items you do not use here, which is also a good way to manage money;
招你需要的人才,求你所想的职位,有机会就要把握; Job hunting: recruit the talents you need, ask for the position you want, and seize the opportunity;
不想单身,想寻找志同道合的朋友吗? Marriage and Dating: Don't want to be single, looking for like-minded friends? Post your information here and it's possible;
在特殊的日子,关键的时刻,你的生活、学习、工作等,在这里也许能够得到帮助。 Convenience services: On special days and critical moments, your life, study, work, etc. may be able to get help here.
阜阳出租车网是出租从业人员的家,是阜阳人民的好帮手,是外来宾客的首选导航! Our slogan is: Fuyang Taxi Net is the home of rental employees, a good helper for the people of Fuyang, and the preferred navigation for foreign guests! This is not only our slogan, but also our strict requirements and service direction. Focusing on this theme, we specially hire senior website designers from Hangzhou to design and produce. Design style three words: Jane, Jane, Jane.

Fuyang Taxi Net was officially launched on October 1, 2012!

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