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的seo服务提供商! Xiaoqiang Network Studio, be the most professional and responsible seo service provider!

Xiaoqiang Network is a pure white hat SEO advocate!

Having said that, you may not understand what is pure white hat SEO. Xiaoqiang briefly introduces some of them here. There are two types of SEO: black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The former advocates cheating quickly to obtain rankings, and the latter promotes the use of legal means to increase the weight of websites. So what we call pure white hat SEO is the most noble of white hat seo, and the most important way to increase the overall weight of the website.

The pure white hat SEO advocated by Xiaoqiang has the following characteristics:

1. Based on Baidu's guiding opinions, the overall weight of the website will be increased.

2.Sustainable website development

3, resolutely resist the production methods, website optimization does not leave "sequelae".

The following figure illustrates the difference in keyword strategies between pure white hat SEO and ordinary SEO:

Comparison of pure white hat SEO and ordinary SEO

Pure white hat SEO raises the overall weight of the website, slightly raises the keywords, and the ranking goes up

Ordinary SEO only raises target keywords

Pure white hat SEO is focused on increasing the overall weight of the website and appropriately raising each keyword, while ordinary seo is grabbing a word and going up crazy.It ’s so painful for a child to be dragged, and it ’s so strange that Baidu does n’t punish you ! !!

The main businesses are :
Marketing Website Creation! ---------------- Make websites that can rank well!
Baidu ranking optimization! ------------------- Make your website stand out!
Internet marketing planning! ------------------- Plan your online life!
Internet word of mouth publicity! ------------------- Let everyone love your brand more!
Website maintenance changes! ------------------ 攘 outside first, inside, good internal organs to win rankings!

Customer satisfaction is our greatest wish! Spirit: professional, dedicated, persistent!

Contact: Manager Zhang

Phone: 18905580303

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