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General SEO keyword optimization solution

Author: Views: 1095 Published: 2017-10-31 03:25:09


Today I will tell you which SEO optimization solutions are suitable for any site. This is not an external link and content, which will allow you to improve your website keyword ranking.

General SEO keyword optimization program SEO optimization

Title description and content requirements

Yesterday I made a very big move, that is, I changed the title of my website. The reason why I changed the title is because I want my website to develop in the future. Even if I view my site rankings today, I ’ve dropped a lot, but I There was no regret, because I changed the title and description to meet the needs of the latest users, so I believe that the development of my website is very good in the later stage.

Then when we write the title of the website and the title of the article, we must analyze the needs of the website. Maybe many friends saw that I had similar ideas before, but there were few that really did. For example, words The target keyword of the article is "SEO optimization", and the title of the article is named "General SEO keyword optimization solution", because when the search keyword "SEO optimization", there is a demand for "seo keyword optimization", so this article The title is named "General SEO Keyword Optimization Program." The title meets the needs of SEO optimization. The content is also defined according to the title of the website, so it is possible to participate in the ranking. Maybe after a few months you will find that the ranking is still not high. Then the only reason for being able to do so is insufficient quality and demand. Satisfied by other sites, but I can tell you the method is like this.

Secondly, the content of the website is satisfied. Many people think that the title and description of the website meet the requirements and can participate in the ranking. If you deceive the discordant search engine, the content also needs to meet the requirements of the title. Many friends here understand it very well. Now that the title meets the needs of the users and the content meets the needs of the titles, then everyone can understand that the website meets the user experience, which is also the simplest user experience.

Of course, the content here is worth more than just articles, except for the title, which is the average content that users can see, even if it is not an article. For example, if our keyword is "webmaster tools", then we have more content articles It may not be able to meet the user's query function, so the only thing we need to do is the function of the webmaster query tool, which is also part of the content.

Linked vote

If external links and internal links have no effect on SEO rankings, why do Baidu webmaster tools also launch external link query tools? I do n’t consider so much at first, and based on this I can be sure that links can directly affect rankings ( Currently). Of course, in the face of the blow of Baidu Luluo's algorithm, the external chain is still leisurely, but it cannot be said that the external chain is abandoned. From the current situation, most of the large forums use jumps, nofollow and JS to block search engine crawling. Here I suggest that you don't do some laborious and unpleasant things. It's popular and can be given up.

Friends with conditions, I suggest you use other sites to do cross-links or internal page exchange links. Because I exchanged a lot of internal page links in the early blog weight 4, the effect was very good. I was able to rank the target keywords of my internal page on the first page in just two weeks.

Of course, there are other website conditions that do n’t work, so you can try to exchange links with the same industry and the same weight. It looks very simple. In fact, it is very difficult to exchange a suitable link. At least I never exchanged friendly links. Take advantage. But SEO is a persistent industry!

Station optimization

Site optimization is a broad word that everyone ca n’t understand. Programmers think that site optimization is a website revision. SEO thinks site optimization is a link optimization. But it ’s not true. Site optimization is to continuously improve the website experience and improve website ranking. Mainly from the following points.

1. Optimize website opening speed. Unless your website has a core point, if it does not, then the website opening speed is faster than competitors. This is the absolute advantage.

2. Website revision. In fact, I still have nothing to tell you that my SEO blog website has a small revision almost every week. It is recommended that you do some needs analysis and regularly modify the website according to different needs. I wo n’t do a major revision. The technology is limited. Small improvements can improve the website experience. For example, I changed the title description section of the Internet marketing and the navigation column of the SEO guidance center today.

3. New advantages. As you can see, my original blog did not have SEO external link tools, search engine submission portals, and street view maps. I continued to optimize the functions of new websites in the later stages so as to stick to users. .

4. Code simplification. When imitating a SEO great blog, the page code is very JS, and the html code is very confusing. I know that his blog server is powerful and able to withstand these details, but because some friends blog The Hong Kong space used is completely unable to withstand this pressure, so we must continue to simplify JS and compress CSS.

Writing too much is too complicated and no one will look at it. It is as simple as a few. Although it seems that the above points are very simple, there are very few really done.
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