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Strategies and precautions for website internal chain optimization

Author: Views: 968 Published: 2017-10-31 03:22:18


Inner chaining is the basis of SEO optimization. When it comes to inner chaining, everyone is very clear. Add an A tag to the keywords. So is the real inner chain optimization adding an A tag to the keyword of the article? Personally, those inner chain optimization Is it too cheating or the user may not understand what you mean by adding a link, then let's really talk about the core issues of the internal link today.

Website Inner Chain Optimization Strategy and Precautions SEO Optimization

The role of internal chain

The reason why the first point is about the role of internal links is that too many SEOERs treat internal links as a step in the flicker search engine. Of course, I also don't deny that internal links do improve the ranking of websites. Personally, it is a key consideration. The biggest role of the internal chain is to facilitate user clicks, so the content page of our website has related reading, navigation, breadcrumb navigation, etc. If you can hold the mentality of making the internal chain for the convenience of user clicks, do the internal chain, Then your internal chain effect can be more than doubled.

Difference between inner and outer links

The same is to vote for a certain keyword link, but it has a different effect. The external link is mainly the affirmation of your site outside the site, while the internal link is the affirmation of one page by another page of your site. A few small differences.

Limitations and differences: The internal link is a link within the domain of only one website, with a limited link, while the external link is a very wide Internet link, without a limited link.

URL differences: Under normal circumstances, external links are not recommended to link to internal pages or other pages, because the effect of external links is not obvious, and the probability of internal pages participating in the ranking is low, so there is no need to do extra things, so external links are recommended Make homepage links, and internal links are not recommended for homepage links, because there are breadcrumb navigation, navigation, copyright, etc. There are homepage links, and there is no need to do redundant things.

Differences in display form: In general, the link is best displayed in anchor text. If the external link cannot appear in anchor text, it can be displayed in plain text, but the internal link is recommended to use the anchor text link because the anchor text link is directly clicked by the user. Yes, no need to copy the link to the browser to open.

Internal chain optimization strategy

It seems very simple to make an internal link. When there is a background that can directly add an article in the background, you can add a hyperlink to the target keyword, but the fact is not the case. In this form of hyperlink, the internal link may be displayed. Can not achieve the purpose of internal chain.

Personally, I feel that, like the related reading at the bottom of this article, you can show your internal link. It may be easier for users to click. There is a link on the title that you know at a glance, and there are Chinese characters for "relevant reading".

Of course, if you have a better way to remind users, the way of hyperlinks, it is best, but I have done this for a long time. At present, I feel that the internal link model of this article is the one that is most beneficial for users to click. At the same time, the title is relatively eye-catching, and search engine crawling is much more convenient.

Internal chain optimization details

It seems that the internal chain is just a hyperlink, but the actual internal chain contains a lot of dry goods, such as the hundreds of words above, I can say that they are all dry goods that are linked, then the internal chain is not a problem that can be solved by a hyperlink. Below It is a detail that many people ignore when doing internal chain optimization.

Hyperlink underline: I personally feel that since a hyperlink is made, it is best to tell the user underlined that this is a clickable text. Of course, it is best to change the font a little bit. The font color is not recommended to change. Too big to avoid user sensitivity.

Text reminder: Think about the link at the bottom of this article, there is a "Related Reading" text reminder. Such a reminder can let users know that the following article can be clicked and related to the content of this article. Such a reminder is very easy for users to click in, and finally Achieve internal chain effect and reduce bounce rate.

New window: Personally, it is recommended to pop up in a new window when the article is internally linked, because many users have not finished reading this article when they click on the link. The new window pops up more easily for users to read later articles to read the previous article, but the navigation links It is not recommended to pop up with a new window, it will make the user find it very difficult to close.

Do an internal link next to a keyword: Doing an internal link next to a keyword makes it easier for users to understand the link corresponding to this keyword, and makes it clearer about the meaning of this keyword. Remember when I read an article on the Baidu forum, The links are all in plain text, and the words "portal" are marked to let users know that this is a clickable link.

80% of people regard the function of the internal chain as a flicker search engine, and only 20% of their friends use the true function of the internal chain.

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