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Optimize the organization of website content

Author: Views: 2324 Published: 2014-05-18 10:34:02 optimize the site , Baidu spider , articles , Fuyang , information , Fuyang do site


1. The source of the content text. I believe that there is a lot of such information, which can be copied casually, or that there is no manual work at all. It is not a problem to make 100,000 or 200,000 data a day. At present, does the text content contain some elements of Fuyang, or does it contain some marketing elements? This requires our editorial staff to perform a second translation. Translation is used here. Yes, it is to translate someone ’s article once. At least the content must comply with the rules of Baidu Spider. This is not the ranking of the main website. Ranking of a page and a secondary column.

2. To build your own archive, it is best to have an internal web system. Through this system, you can easily find a paragraph of text and a certain sentence, which is convenient for editors to operate. Add a few articles to your own common expressions, and have some unique insights. The last is an overview of the source article. Basically, an original article is formed. If your own words library is large enough, basically one article is also used. Within a few minutes, the three articles were summarized into one. This should be easy to do. Add a short summary of yourself at the beginning and end of the paragraph.

3. The chain of each article in the content forms a net. The larger the net weaving, the higher the pv value and the viscosity of the page. The key is to look at the method of weaving the net. The content of an article for a certain model Is it possible to add links to other articles of this model in the high-priced articles such as: test drive site of a certain model (each event needs to be recorded with text and pictures), model MM of a certain model, technology of a certain model Parameters, certain key indicators of a certain model, etc. If you want to make these connections, a lot of shared information will come out. This kind of information is actually the work we need to do in the early stage.

4. Be sure to let everyone form a standard. This standard is for everyone to work around. How many articles are edited each day, how many external links, and the number of exchange links, a system must be formed to supervise them. If you follow this system, it will definitely become more and more formal.

Well, let's talk so much today. If you have different opinions, please contact the company that makes the website in Fuyang .
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