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Web content station optimization starts from 3 aspects, truly content is king

Author: Views: 2481 Published: 2014-05-07 02:36:43 search engines , website optimization , working principle , link address , the junior partner


Dear Masters, I ’m very happy to share with you in the morning [A5 Daily Study]. The main friends who madly send out links in the afternoon are really crazy, and many good posts cannot be found by everyone. Yes, so I will update a good content for you every morning from 10 am to 11 am. I will not talk nonsense today, I will share with you [A5 Daily One Study 2014.5.6] Website optimization starts from 3 aspects, and the real content is king.


Website content optimization one: original website content

As we all know: According to a working principle of search engines, websites with more original articles are very easy to be cited by many websites, and if the website where the cited article is added adds the link address of this page, then this page will get better Ratings, of course, the rankings that the webmasters most care about will also go up.

So what's going on with originality? What should we do?

(1) The content must be related to the theme

Users just see the themes embodied in your website come in. You say that your content is messy or irrelevant, who will continue to watch it? For example, if you go to buy beer and there are only bicycles in the store, would you still be interested?

(2) It is best to include keywords to be described once in each paragraph. There is a misunderstanding here. Many people like to add links to the homepage of the website to this keyword. In fact, otherwise, everyone should add this article. link address. I don't know if everyone knows that the internal links of the website are more effective than the external links to some extent, because the internal links of the website can link the websites together to form a network that is easy for spiders to crawl.

(3) Don't use keywords too frequently, just moderately.

The content structure is very important. Pay attention to segmentation. This problem does not seem to be very common among many of us. Not much to say, if you do n’t pay attention to the things that affect the user experience, you ’re the only one who is sorry.

When you publish content, you can publish according to the hot news, but you need a good language and writing skills. If you do n’t suggest that you subscribe to Baidu News, you can also other news, and then process it. Note that it is a subscription News about your industry.

Website Content Optimization Part 2: Content Update

Appropriate updates will help search engines perform retrieval and snapshot updates on a regular basis. Snapshot updates that are faster can still have certain benefits in ranking websites. Everyone can update their website to 60% in one month. For Google, the richer the content and the links between the pages of the website, the better it will be to improve the rating of each page on Google. Of course, "屌 丝" favorite pr will be high.

Website Content Optimization Part 3: Internal Links in the Site

The importance of external links will not be mentioned, and the old content is old. It is estimated that not many people focus on the links on the site. How do you say? Many external links are uncontrollable, but the internal ones are much better and will be under their control. So how to do it?

(1) Establish a site map

Many CMS systems cannot automatically generate site maps, so some plugins need to be added. In short, the map is for the convenience of spiders, but I found that many websites still do n’t do this. I do n’t know if our “屌 丝” webmaster has forgotten it or simply did it too well and ignored it.

(2) Do not click more than 4 times from the homepage of each page of the website

The first is for user experience, always clicking the mouse is also very troublesome, you must know that current users are lazy. Second, for the spider, I won't explain it.

(3) Try to use text navigation

Sometimes for the sake of good looks, many people like to use pictures or js drop-down menu links, but the best is text, and it is not explained.

(4) Link text

The link text on the site navigation should accurately describe the content in the column. Naturally, there will be keywords in the link text, but don't push the keywords here. When referring to other webpage content in the body of the webpage, you can naturally use keywords to link to other webpages. Keywords in backlinks are also an important factor in ranking.

(5) Pr value transmission and flow of the whole station

As long as it has a good website structure, the pr distribution is very uniform, and the order is the highest on the first page, the column page, and then the content page.

(6) Mutual links of web pages

As mentioned before, websites are basically tree-structured, but it should be noted that the tree structure is not that there will be no links between article pages under each section. On the contrary, links to other sections related pages in different pages, so that The entire website structure looks more like a spider web, and the cost behind it is not much to say.

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