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Those things in website operation after the holiday

Author: Views: 2444 Published: 2014-02-11 09:51:58 site operators , Internet companies , those things , mobile browser , server


After the New Year, I believe that most companies have already gone to work. Since it comes to work, they have to mention the website. If you go home without the Internet, it means that the website has been left unattended for more than ten days. Then what kind of work do we need to do on the website after the Spring Festival, then the editors of Fuyang Network Company will talk about the website.

First, first see if your website can be opened normally. I encountered this situation when I was in the New Year's Eve the year before. The website couldn't open when I visited the website on my old mobile phone. This was the case for several days. Now that we are here, we should check in time whether the website can be opened normally. If you can't open, then contact the space quotient for the first time. The general situation is that during the Spring Festival, the space provider will shut down the server in order to save resources. This causes the website to fail to open.

Second, check whether the website ranking has changed. From the current observation, the website ranking has not changed much. Not much different from before the holiday.

Third, check if the website's friendly links are normal, if we do not link to our website, we should delete it in time.

Fourth, don't be too lazy after a Spring Festival, but still follow the website optimization plan formulated before. For example: send external links and so on. If not implemented then it is likely to be overtaken by competitors during this time.

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