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Website failure How to find the problem and then solve the problem

Author: Views: 2172 Published: 2014-01-22 08:17:37 website revision , server , how , procedures , computer
First, let's talk about several common faults of the website:

1. Server failure, of course, there are many reasons for failure. Individuals have encountered: server attack, poisoning, fire in the computer room, human error and so on.

2. National failures, such as the DNS server that is down this time.

3. After the revision of the medical website, it is easy for the landing page to fail, resulting in a large area of the auction account landing page.

Bidding is not a procedure, so there is no responsibility in solving these problems, but bidding should be the first person to find these problems. The reason is very simple. If the website is down but the bidding account is still being promoted, this is naked waste, for no reason.

Let's talk about some personal operation experience for website inspection:

1. The first thing to do with your computer in the morning is to check all the promotion websites, as well as a few business tools, business qq, mobile phone bridge and other consulting tools to see if everything is normal.

2. Frequently pay attention to the business communication dialogue, and then see the traffic coming in the bidding position, click the landing page, and you can see if the website can be opened normally. At the same time, you can also see how well the search terms match the landing page, guess the visitors ’psychology, and then you can better adjust the landing page settings.

3. When counting the data for the previous day, look at the landing pages that were clicked most by the way, look at the specific content of these landing pages, and look at the conversion. While evaluating landing page conversions, we also checked whether these landing pages opened normally.

In general, for checking the website and paying attention to the business trajectory from time to time, more visited pages are the best way. After a long time, you will find that there are many benefits to this, and even develop a kind of professional inertia, you can find more and more problems.

Finally, there are a few details that are easily overlooked, and here is by the way:

1. Websites are sometimes cached by the browser, which makes it easy for the homepage to open normally after a failure. Therefore, it is necessary to test the website with a browser that automatically clears the cache.

2. When it is found that the website may be faulty, you can call colleagues around you to try it, and to believe in the strength of the team. If everyone develops the habit of checking the website and feedback to the auction in time, the possibility of waste will be greatly reduced.

3. You can often use the webmaster tools to look at the seo information of the website, and pay attention to the response time. If the result is "response timeout", the website may be down. (The specific time in the picture below indicates that the website is normal)

4. Sometimes, the website displays different sections on different browsers, or is blocked by anti-virus software. Those who are bidding should always pay attention. After all, everything that is not conducive to the visitor's experience will affect the final conversion effect, and everyone needs to discover and solve it in time.
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