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2014 Baidu search engine change trend forecast

Author: Views: 2257 Published: 2014-01-04 12:48:38 search engine , Baidu , articles , strength , network

2013 was an extremely active year for the Baidu search engine. This year we witnessed the sadness and joy of many webmasters. Some were extremely sad, some were in adversity, and some were basketless. In any case, we will continue in 2014, but on the way forward, we need some inspiration. So today I will predict the changing trend of Baidu search engine in 2014 for everyone, hoping to give some inspiration to the webmasters and SEOers:

Change Trend 1: Increasing the assessment of original content

In recent years, the phenomenon of plagiarism and copying on the Internet has severely damaged the experience of search engine users. Therefore, Baidu may increase the assessment mechanism for original articles. The original content will be given a higher score, the webpage or website where the content is located will have a better ranking, and the plagiarism and copying will be given certain penalties, such as lower ranking or not included.

Evidence: The publishing time, author and publishing URL of the article have appeared on the Baidu search display platform. These are helpful for Baidu to determine that the earliest articles published at the time are original articles, and will give the site an "original article publisher" evaluation. Then give the article a reasonable ranking based on the overall situation of its website.

Trend Two: More emphasis on quality of content

Baidu search engine is no longer limited to crawling text, and its ability to crawl images, videos, and audio is also increasing. Therefore, for those high-quality articles that are full of pictures and texts, they will be trusted. Conversely, you will be disgusted with low-quality articles until they are not crawled.

Evidence: A few months ago, Baidu search display pages already showed graphic and textual results. Compared with the previous full-text display, plus the display result of the picture is more intuitive and clear, the user can roughly determine the content of the webpage based on the picture and text description, which effectively prevents a part of the title party.

Changing trend three: increase the crackdown on external chains

Some websites, especially new ones, often use the method of quick success and quick profit to promote search engine crawling, indexing, and high weight in the shortest time, which is to manually add a large number of external links in the short term. Of course, this is an unquestionable thing, but this way, the webmasters spend less time on the original content of the website, which is not good for search engines. There are fewer new things, and users will naturally complain. .

Evidence: One of the main objects of Baidu's big update in 2013 was external links. I remember the big outbreak in July. I do n’t know how many webmasters ’black heads turned white heads overnight. When the bitter webmasters did n’t know what was going on, they could n’t find their own station in the first few pages.

Trend 4: Popularization plus V certification

Everyone knows that any company website that has a bit of fame will have an official website certification on the display bar-the official website or the official website. Everything that has been added to the official website certification is a headline in the search and display results. Therefore, the V certification for enterprises may be strengthened in 2014, that is, companies are required to perform V certification for their official websites. However, adding V certification is relatively tedious, and Baidu may simplify the process.

Evidence: This is really a prediction.

Trend 5: Baidu strengthens its product position

This change is relatively obvious. After Google withdrew from the Chinese market, Baidu's monopoly was almost a monopoly. In the past two years, search engines such as 360 and Soso have begun to rise strongly, and they have seriously eroded the market of Baidu, especially 360. In just two years, they have almost occupied 20% of the search engine market share. If Baidu wants to maintain its monopoly position, it will certainly raise the status of its own products to a strategic level in order to maintain Baidu's traffic. So starting in 2014, the first and second positions on the homepage of the Baidu search engine display should be Baidu's own products, and then others.

Evidence: 360, Soso and other search engines have risen strongly, sucking up Baidu's traffic.

Suggestions for webmaster friends:

1. Strengthen content construction, especially high-quality, graphic and rich content.

2. Strengthen the management of external links and timely remove low-quality, junk-type external links. And maintain the continuous, stable and harmonious development of the external chain.

3. Close to Baidu. As the saying goes, "If you are under the roof, there is no reason to bow your head." If you want to rely on Baidu to shelter from the wind, you must have a good relationship with it. Of course, I mean trying to use Baidu's products as much as possible, and trying to connect with them.

Finally, I wish the webmasters friends a new year of the new year, good luck in 2014;

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