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Seo optimization: how to analyze a website with a heatmap

Author: Views: 2451 Published: 2014-01-03 10:02:13 web design , site navigation , Baidu , keywords , how

Baidu Heatmap believes that many SEOs are not unfamiliar. Its powerful functions can not only help us optimize and adjust the web design to provide a scientific basis, but also dynamically consider the click effect before and after the page is adjusted. Let ’s take a look at how to analyze the heatmap website:

1. Website navigation analysis:

For example: We often see that some websites place company introductions in the second column of the channel, and some place company products in the second column of the channel. Which layout is correct?

Through the heat map, we can clearly see which channel users click more, that is, the channel's audience level. Generally, when designing a channel in the early stage, we will arrange it from left to right according to the importance of keywords, that is, the most important keywords are placed nearest to the homepage. However, no matter what the website, our layout is certainly not static. In the process of adjustment, we focus on the most important position of the website based on the user's browsing behavior.

2. Analysis of the core position of the homepage:

An excellent website must be consistent with users' browsing habits. Maybe we have rankings in the process of website optimization, but the bounce rate is very high, some are high on the home page, some are high on the inner page, no matter which, we can find it from the data the reason. If it is the homepage? Does this tell us that users do not find the content they need after entering the homepage? Should we put the content or products that users care most about on the homepage at the core? In order to arrange them in order.

Since it is data analysis, it must be different for each website, but it will not change at all, it is to improve user experience as the core. Of course, the information that the heat map gives us is far more than this. This article is mainly to guide the seo staff to analyze the heat map and understand the importance of data analysis.

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