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Teach you how to analyze websites with good tools

Author: Views: 2424 Published: 2013-12-25 09:54:39 keyword ranking , SEO optimization , how to , website , recording
We currently analyze several types of websites, analyzing some basic information such as keyword rankings, inclusions, weights, etc., but these information are indeed necessary data for every SEO optimizer. As long as you analyze the data carefully and record the data, it will definitely be a great gain to come back and read all the notes made within a period of time. In fact, not only these data need us to analyze, but also some data such as website traffic and website keyword clicks. These data are also very important. These are directly inseparable from our conversion into orders. Let's focus on some detailed data analysis.

The analysis of website ranking, collection, weighting and other data can be done without tools, but tools have the benefits of tools. Tools can directly analyze many data that we cannot find using commands, such as webmaster tools seo., we are one of the tools necessary for many people who do seo, because this job is really practical and can save us a lot of things. This tool can give us detailed information on recent keyword rankings, website inclusions, weights, thesaurus and other information. This information can be seen directly when we exchange links with peers. Can we change it? In other words, can it be exchanged directly?

Let me introduce the usage of this job in detail:

We open this website, and then we enter our own website, take a look at some basic data in detail, now I will use Fuyang as the website domain name to check, and screenshot Do a detailed analysis for everyone, as shown below:


figure 1

Through this map, we can see in detail the recent changes in the keywords on our website. The term Fuyang website construction has risen one place, and the design of Fuyang website has risen 15 places. It is now ranked seventh on the homepage. From these basic data, we can see that our website is still optimized, and the rankings are rising very quickly. The four keywords we set basically have rankings, and Fuyang Seo is still the first. One, there are about 3-5 IPs that can come to the website through this keyword every day.

How can I view the traffic information of the website through the traffic statistics tool? Here we are using the webmaster statistics tool to analyze the website traffic, as shown in the figure below. This is a screenshot of the webmaster traffic statistics tool. From the figure, we can see which keywords have come to our website today.


figure 2


image 3

As shown in Figure 3, this is the menu list on the left side of our webmaster statistics tool, which contains, through these menus, we can see in detail the people who visit this site, such as regional information, keywords, source classification and many more practical information With this information, we can achieve online marketing more accurately.

The installation of webmaster tools requires the help of professional and technical personnel. You need to register a member on the webmaster statistics website and add codes to the website. Other detailed information will not be explained in detail here.

Okay, so much for today. Next time we will talk about the role of these data in detail. The above content is reproduced from Fuyang website Please indicate the source!
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