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Post-network promotion operations

Author: Fuyang website design views: 2435 Published: 2013-12-24 09:45:06 website promotion , website building , website design , web promotion , turnover


Fuyang website company analyzes the operation of the network promotion for you

The website promotion is very successful, or very well in place, but there is no good volume and there is a problem. We need to analyze the problem. Where can I ask? Today, the main article of Fuyang website construction will explain in detail for everyone:

Traffic means the number of visits to our website. This is mainly caused by our previous promotion. There is traffic on the website. Why is there no consultation? This problem is a problem that many webmasters or company owners need to think about because it directly affects On our performance. Why is there no consultation? The main article of Fuyang website design is for you to analyze the following reasons. There are no highlights in the website, the product introduction is not detailed enough, the product introduction has not moved the visitors, and the consultation method is single. An article written a few days ago: the significance of marketing website construction , you can go to see in detail, how to make a marketing website, the article is mainly around the production of feature pages that introduce products, you can use product features Page to introduce a product in detail and comprehensively. There is a single consultation method. We can open our own website for this question and see which consultation channels are available. Many corporate websites have only one phone number, but no QQ, Business Link, Baidu Shangqiao, or Taobao Wangwang. So when we make our own website in the future, we need to consider the user's usage habits to make the website.

With traffic and good consulting channels, the next step is our conversion. How to improve our conversion efficiency is very important. This requires technical and patient customer service staff to solve each and every visitor. Problems, let our products impress him, so as to achieve the order. This main technique is implemented in the customer service area, because good customer service staff can indeed increase our sales volume, 100 traffic = 40-50 consultations = 20-25 order conversions, and then 1 -12.5 transactions, such online sales will be very successful, but this data is indeed a bit high. The 100 traffic is more effective in advance, and there is basically no consultation volume for the garbage traffic. Not to mention conversion, so when we do network marketing, we must rely on data to speak, in each link is led by data analysis.

In online sales, the role of customer service is very important. A professional customer service staff will increase the company ’s conversion by 10% -30%. I hope that we can take it seriously. Do n’t think that you just find someone, answer the phone, and talk. QQ will have a good volume. The professional knowledge and communication skills of customer service personnel are very important. In fact, customer service personnel can position themselves as a salesperson. The only way to make the customer service work is to master the marketing consciousness!

Alright, let's talk about it today. If there is anything that is not in place, please testify! This article is designed from Fuyang website , please indicate the source when reproduced!

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