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The importance of friendly links in website optimization

Author: Fuyang do site views: 3478 Published: 2013-12-23 11:02:47 SEO , links , keywords , how


In the process of website optimization , we often use methods such as updating original content, exchanging friendship links, optimizing page structure, etc. Today I will talk about friendship links, why use friendship links, the importance of friendship links, etc. content.

Exchange Friendship Links

Friendly links are an important step for us to improve the ranking of keywords and website weight, an indispensable step, how to exchange friendly links, and precautions for exchanging friendly links. We basically exchange exchange links in the webmaster forum or in the QQ group. Now QQ ****** compares the exchange of friendship links and compares with me. We can easily search for "friendship links" in the QQ group. In a few words, you can get a lot of groups related to friendship links. Let ’s try to add them and see that many people are exchanging links. Some people send their own stations to the group for others to find related to them. Site. We can also publish information such as our site address and keywords, the snapshot time of the website, and the website's weight value to the group. Someone will come to you automatically when they see it. This is also an easier way to exchange.

The importance of exchanging friendship links

Why exchange friendship links? Before we exchange friendly links, we must first understand the problem and look for them. The friendly link is to let us turn our website into a web. It ’s like we built a house, where everyone finds the address. At this time, We need to publish our address and house number so that more people can see our address. Only then will Baidu's spiders come to our website and collect our content. This step can be said to have been implemented by Baidu for many years. Then an industry was born, selling links, many people made websites, selling links specifically, and providing one-way links for others to optimize their websites. The earliest link was the rise of this industry. In 2007, a pr4 link could sell to 40- 80 yuan, and then slowly, more and more people, a link pr4 sold for 10 yuan, to now 5 yuan, this industry has slowly disappeared. Now Baidu is starting to attack this industry, which means that this industry is about to fail.

What kind of friendship links are good for website optimization

Many people know how to change links. Today, I am here to touch with you what kind of friendly links are suitable for the optimization of our website? Friendship links cannot be exchanged blindly. Before changing, be sure to check whether the other party's website has been stopped by Baidu K, the snapshot is new, whether the other party ’s main keywords are ranked, and whether they are in the same industry. If the other party ’s website snapshot has not been updated for several months, you can consider passing it at this time. If all keywords on the other party ’s website do not have any rankings, you can take a comprehensive look at the time when the other party ’s website was established. Power reduction and other factors. There is one more important, if the difference between the same industry is not too big, you can exchange it.

Well, let's talk about it today. If there is insufficient writing, welcome to testify. This article is from Fuyang website construction , please indicate the source when reprinting.
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